The pro of yesteryear has a very colorful and distinguished vocabulary. Refer to this terms guide to keep up:

Get v. An exclamation used almost sarcastically after the ball has already come to rest in a less than optimal position: through the fairway, in the water, etc... 
Fillet v. A type of shot hit with a mid to long iron that produces a low, left-to-right ball flight into a tucked, right pin. The desired result of the filleted shot should leave a fairly sizable divot that shows an open club face with a low toe.
Flippy adj. This is a band-aid for golfers who had shown promise at an early age but had a late growth spurt. In an attempt to keep up with contemporaries off the tee that were already hitting puberty, one may have developed a hand flip at impact to simulate a faster release at the ball. When timed incorrectly (more often than not), the ball performs an aerial duck hook, entirely demolishing any confidence off the tee.
Pumpy adj. A drive that is bound to airmail everyone else in your group. Does not matter where the ball goes. Could've gone sideways. As long as you swung hard at it and made decent contact, you can say pumpy.


adj. A word that describes any good part of golf - typically having something to do with cleanliness of course or golfer. Could be cross cut fairways or a well struck shot.
Sauced adj. 1. A wedge shot with a lot of spin imparted on the ball. Typically lower in trajectory. Similar in manner to pumpy (see above), it doesn't matter if a sauced shot puts you close to the pin. Spinning the shit out of the ball is cooler and frankly more important than leaving yourself a makeable putt. 2. Drunk.
Top Groove adj. Worst feeling shot ever. When the ball makes contact with the highest part of the face on an iron, imparting little to no spin on the ball. The low moment of inertia common in blade irons sends feedback (the dead feeling thud you just hit) up the shaft and into your hands.
Tour adj. Not to be confused with pure (see above); indicates that something about someone is either derived from the PGA Tour or is good enough to be on the PGA Tour. Example: logo down grips or a low lofted (less than 8.5°) driver is tour.
Wipe n. Worst looking shot ever. Typically produced by a really shitty, no load swing with a longer, low lofted club and an open face angle. Feel is low on the face and ball flight is low and right.

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