Metalwood x The Double Bogey Club Vintage US Open Hat (Winged Foot - 2006)

  • Metalwood x The Double Bogey Club Vintage US Open Hat (Winged Foot - 2006)
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap - One Size Fits Most
  • Color: Red
  • Condition: Vintage
  • Made by AHEAD

"June 18th, 2006 | Mamaroneck, New York - Winged Foot Golf Club

We join Phil Mickelson on the 18th tee with a one stroke lead sitting at +4 (the cut line was +9... TUFF WEEKEND). He now needs a par on 18 to win the 106th US Open.

Phil’s tee shot goes way left. WAY, WAY left. Off the hospitality tent. Allegedly Ben Hogan rolled over in his grave. Phil is pissed! He walks up to a 210 yard shot “I can't imagine him pitching out Johnny...” His second shot is horrendous. His face instantly ages 5 years... like, beyond pissed. His ball hit a tree and traveled a measly 25 yards (can't we all relate?). A par would win the US Open and a bogey would throw him into a play-off with Geoff Ogilvy, who is sitting in the clubhouse signing his card following along with the developing drama. Now, this third shot is just impossible - hoisting it over the trees would require miraculous assistance from the winged foot god, Hermes, himself. Phil goes for the gusto, places the ball forward, hits it high enough... but OH NO! It's wide left. it catches the front bunker... PLUNK! It's plugged in the sand. Ogilvy watches on - arms crossed - nerves building up for the impending play-off because, surely, Phil of all people will hit it out of the bunker, drain the putt, and make bogey to force the play-off. The crowd is now chanting “Lets go, Phil!” He walks up to the bunker only to find a fried egg. He climbs into the bunker for his fourth shot. The crowd is electric, as if it were the determining drive at the Super Bowl. He swings. The ball is out of the sand, runs across the green past the flag and stops in the rough... He needs to hole out to force the play-off. Phil walks across the green in agony over the two shot lead he had just blown in the three holes prior. He's obviously still not over the fact that his tee shot on 17 went into a trash can... If that's not the World telling you something... He needs the greatest shot of his career right now. One shot left... He chips it. It's rolling... Nah Ah Ah. Ogilvy embraces his wife. Phil should've gone with the 4-wood...

But, wait! Phil still needs to finish the hole! He drains the 12-footer for DOUBLE BOGEY. He may have finished second but, Ladies and Gents, Phil Mickelson is the first inductee into The Double Bogey Club Hall of Fame!" - The Double Bogey Club